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Voices Of Those Who Left

My Dear Fetim

Sahrawi refugees are different than most, they are stateless. Fetim doesn't have a passport, you can't have a passport without a country.

Superbad: an exploration of male friendship

Superbad is a brilliant coming of age story that everybody should watch, either for its comedy, its subject matter, or both.

The Extremes Always Meet

The right label for both Chávez and Trump is Populism.

The Evolution of Global Conversations

As we, Venezuelans, refuse to join progressive views, we are actively engaged in keeping Chavismo alive.

The Cruel Joke

Every day we wake up thinking that either destiny, god or the devil is playing a cruel joke on us.

Peace Privilege

I chose to call it “peace privilege”, this mindset by which people living in peaceful conditions cannot grasp (and empathize) with conflict.

We Are All Selma

What Selma has taught us twice now, and so has Virginia in its last election, is that if we want to enact change we need to get out and vote

What’s it Like to be a Twin?

Being a twin is an incredible way to go through life. I joke with people that I highly recommend it and they should try and get one.

Hate As A Political Tool

Hate will conveniently fracture a society and create deep divisions that could last generations.

The Problem With A 'Strongman'

Mr. Trump’s support does not come from his policies, few and vague at best, but his persona, his very troubling persona.

What Makes a Preschool Great?

This week my daughter started her second year of preschool. Now I am looking at all those wide-eyed parents walking into their child’s...

Who Speaks for Tim Tracy?

In 2006 I produced and directed a self-financed documentary, “Children of the Clouds”, about the repression of Sahrawi students by...

Technology and Education

It’s a hot topic these days: Teacher vs. Computers, Group learning vs. individual learning. Is it possible to be for all of it? Do we...

Arts Education: Why Is It Important?

My name is Café McMullen and I am the program director at the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center in Leimert Park, Calif. We offer free...

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